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Your employees are only going to care about the company when they feel the company cares about them.


Internal communications as a strategic tool

We live in turbulent times. The challenges for your organisation are many, from digital transformation and disruptive business models to millennials at work. This puts internal communication under continuous strain. Because without high engagement from all employees and strong internal cooperation, you won't make it anymore.

Today, internal communication is a strategic tool. But is internal communication in your company getting the attention it deserves? Whyte helps you turn internal communication into a lever that realises a common understanding of the company's vision and mission and promotes collaboration within the organisation. By doing so, you strengthen the organisation in order to withstand crises, meet challenges, build your reputation and remain the preferred employer for your employees.



  • Development of a change campaign and organisation of internal roadshows for a large retailer to communicate the transformation plan and align the new strategy and management through visual communication
  • Development of a compelling storyline for a company, based on its values, and translation into a clear communication toolkit that colleagues can use on various occasions (presentation, elevator pitch, fact sheets, video ...)
  • Internal communication via videos to engage and support employees in adopting new behaviours that considers the coming digitalisation

  •  Development of an internal communication strategy and sounding board for the EXCO of an inspection and certification company with high levels of unionisation, targeting employees during a Renault-procedure
  • Evaluation of the management and efficiency of the internal communication of a Belgian public utility institution to identify areas for improvement
  • Explaining the social plan to employees in an easy and visually appealing way with an information brochure developed in collaboration with HR and legal
  • Training for managers of a telecoms player to improve their communication and presentation skills so that they can better train their teams and thus get bids or tenders to their clients in an efficient and timely manner
  • Alignment and streamlining of internal communication with the new business strategy of an IT and printing company with presence in several countries
  • Organisation of an internal visual brainstorming session to create a distinctive employer brand for a construction company with several business units in Belgium
  • Role-play training for sales teams from different business units belonging to the same umbrella group during a rebranding exercise
  • ...

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