We are dedicated to secure Uber’s “license to operate” by winning over “hearts & minds” of the public through an integrated strategy, a comprehensive stakeholder approach, and by giving Uber’s advocates a voice.

A false start

Uber faced challenges with its reputation in Belgium due to a false start. To mend its relationships with stakeholders, enhance its reputation, and address specific policy issues, the company enlisted the assistance of Whyte Corporate Affairs.

Whyte provided corporate communications and public affairs support, focusing on files such as the new cab policy in Brussels and Flanders, as well as the evolving status of workers in the sharing economy.

We focused on winning “hearts & minds” to secure Uber's license to operate through an integrated strategy, a comprehensive stakeholder approach, and by giving Uber's advocates a voice. This approach involved various stakeholders, including economic actors, opinion leaders, the mobility industry and the media.

License to operate

In November 2021, Uber faced the possibility of ceasing its operations in Brussels based on outdated regulations. This posed a risk 2.000 for the livelihoods of 2,000 Brussels LVC drivers who relied on theUber app. Through targeted and constructive outreach, along with a successful communication campaign and a petition signed by 40,000 people, a temporary legal framework called “Sparadrap” was established, ensuring Uber’s license to operate.

At the same time, a new sustainable and balanced framework 'the cab law' was worked on that took into account the interests of both Uber and the broader industry.

Our ongoing support fostered a more constructive dialogue with policymakers and other stakeholders, leading to a more positive perception of Uber and more effective advocacy efforts in Belgium. As a result, Uber was able to participate in modernized cab regulations, fostering continued growth and innovation in the Belgian market.

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