Belgian Diabetes Forum

Improving Diabetes Care in Belgium

Diabetes care in Belgium has reached a commendable level,. yet there remains scope for improvement.. Recognizing this, various stakeholders in the diabetes landscape join forces in late 2019 to launch the Belgian Diabetes Forum (BEDF). The primary objective of this initiative is to equip policymakers with the necessary tools to elevate diabetes policy to higher levels.

The BEDF counts patient and professional organizations, such as the Diabetes League and the Association du Diabète, among its active partners. In addition to these patient associations, diabetologists play a crucial role in shaping the forum’s endeavors. To ensure sustained support, several pharmaceutical companies contribute to the content and tent and provide behind-the-scenes professional support for day-to-day operations. Such an initiative cannot solely rely on voluntary commitment.

A core activity of the BEDF is to foster a cohesive community to drive diabetes policy advancement

Managing the stakeholder platform and forming a community

Whyte Corporate Affairs was chosen to launch this stakeholder platform and take on the association management. The start of the content operation with a broad stakeholder survey. This extensive work, has been compiled in a "White Paper on Diabetes in Belgium" (see In addition, BEDF developed effective communication channels and initiated a public affairs track.

A core activity of the BEDF is the formation of a real community of everyone involved in diabetes policy. In addition to punctual content sessions where input is gathered, and discussions are held to address ongoing challenges and identify areas for improvement, there is the annual Forum session ‘SPEAK UP’. ‘SPEAK UP’ serves as a platform for interactive workshops and debates involving politicians and policymakers. This guarantees that diabetes remains a high-priority item on the policy agenda.

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