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Strong crisis communication

With powerful crisis communication, you can avoid or at least effectively manage a crisis and protect your reputation. In the best-case scenario, you could even come out of it with a positive boost to your reputation. Of course, this is easier said than done. Transparent, honest, timely, and fully coordinated communication internally is an absolute necessity, both before, during, and after a crisis. At Whyte Corporate Affairs, we assist you with crisis preparation, crisis management during the crisis, and recovery from the crisis situation.

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Crisis preparedness

  • Vulnerability audit, crisis communication manual and training programme for various companies in different sectors: food, pharma, energy, steel, retail, automotive, finance, mining, agriculture, construction...
  • Continuous crisis preparedness, training and anticipatory issue management for high-risk companies such as gas terminals, high-speed trains, breweries
  • Crisis plans for several food manufacturers following a number of issues and crises that impacted the food industry

  • Annual media and crisis communication training for several clients including an FMCG, a gas company, a professional service provider, etc.
  • Large-scale crisis simulations with media, employees, unions...
  • Training on the use of social media in a crisis situation
  • Crisis communication training for numerous cities and municipalities in Belgium (with specific "Discipline 5" focus)
  • ...

Monitoring restructuring and social issues

  • Market leader in restructuring programmes, including strategy development, preparation, on-site assistance and support
  • Management of social conflicts for various clients in different sectors, including retail, transport & aviation, logistics, pharmaceuticals, banking and insurance, chemicals, automotive, steel ...
  • Preparing negotiations with social partners through education, training and developing key messages for various clients

  • Managing the media impact of a case of "bullying at work"
  • Merger and restructuring of two pharmaceutical companies
  • Managing a social conflict and supporting a change management programme following the revision of a company's compensation policy
  • Merger and integration of two global companies (13,000 employees in 27 countries)
  • Management of a social conflict following a dismissal for just cause
  • Announcement of new management for a blue-chip company
  • Preparation of potential issues and building buy-in with the local community and social partners in preparation for the closure of a production unit
  • Internal communication and issue management regarding the potential sale and restructuring of a production unit
  • Closure of a production unit while maintaining marketing and sales in Belgium
  • Stakeholder communication and advice for a company facing the resignation of both CEO and CFO while having a major investment project
  • ...


  • Scenario planning and strategic advice on a lawsuit between two well-known brands
  • Strategic advice and media relations for an insurance group for a 10-year dispute
  • Strategic advice and media relations for a company accused of corruption in public tenders

  •  Media relations and public affairs advice for disputes initiated by local communities around environmental permits, building permits and business licences
  • Media relations advice on potential antitrust activities
  • Crisis counselling for litigation and settlement in the context of an industrial accident involving deaths and injuries
  • Crisis communications following a search and judicial investigation for a financial institution
  • Preparing and managing media and stakeholder activities in the context of a court settlement and lawsuit for a company and its shareholders
  • Media relations advice for the head of an NGO accused of a conflict of interest
  •  Crisis communication on alleged credit card fraud, for a company specialising in bank cards, in preparation for a training session for TV interview in a television consumer programme ...
  • ...

NIMBY issues (environment, health, safety, nuisance ...)

  • Communication advice after a crisis with a lot of media and political attention for a company that produces nuclear medicines
  • Development and management of an integrated issues management program for a limestone manufacturer, including public relations and public affairs at local and regional level, to generate political and public support for the opening or expansion of (new) quarries in the Walloon region, and to opposition from local groups, media and NGOs
  • Addressing potential issues and building support within the local community in preparation for the construction of a wind farm on a multinational site

  • Local issues management and public affairs advice on the construction of a power plant
  • Building support within the local community and preventing problems for a real estate company, in preparation for a construction project
  • Supporting expansion strategy and granting permits for a retail company
  • ...

Issues and crisises with consumers

  • Strategic advice and practical support for a range of companies affected by activism
  • Communication advice during several major food safety crises with very high media and consumer coverage
  • Taking over and/or coordinating several companies' social media channels when dealing with issues

  • Establishing and managing a unified coalition for a group of food companies
  • On- and offline engagement with key opinion leaders and influencers to evolve public opinion
  • Monitoring issues and building dialogue with key NGOs for an international brand
  • Dealing with attacks by a consumer organisation over alleged health risks of a consumer product
  • Numerous product recalls for FMCG companies
  • Tracking and monitoring stakeholder issues for several clients
  • Supporting a leading retailer during a campaign by an NGO that questioned the company's sustainability policy
  • ...

Industrial risks and accidents

  • Nuclear leak impact management and nuclear transport preparation
  • Communication support for fatal accident on the shop floor of a chemical company
  • Management of a retailer's communications during a violent robbery during which explosives were used

  • Activation of an emergency procedure at a gas terminal
  • Communication on an industrial accident involving seriously injured subcontractors
  • Crisis communication advice for a manufacturer of building materials: accidents, fire, quality issues

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