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Earning your stakeholders’ trust, internal and external, is the basis for your success. In order to achieve their trust, you need to engage with them, listen to their messages and act on them. You succeed by preparing yourself well in advance with data and information about who they are and what their views and interests are. This is how you tackle stakeholder management professionally.

Your stakeholder arena can be complex. Whyte helps you keep the overview and make the right choices. Our insights and network in the political, social, academic and broad social field support you with the right information and knowledge and leverage your communication strategy and actions.



  • Face-to-face interviews with key Belgian stakeholders to assess the evolution of the reputation of various public and private companies over the years
  • Benchmarking the imago of a company specialising in the food sector to develop an evidence-based stakeholder management plan
  • Evaluation of the crisis situations that posed the greatest risk to the reputation of an international chemicals player, as part of their risk management policy
  • Opinion polling of the Belgian population on a strategic issue to provide a service company with strategic input that could be used as political leverage
  • Launch of an internal survey to check whether staff understood and supported the new strategic plan
  • Broad communication audit of the internal and external communication approach of a major energy player
  • Online and social media monitoring to identify sensitive issues for a bank's reputation at the first signs of a crisis
  • Media monitoring and analysis as input for future PR and public affairs initiatives in the Belgian rail industry
  • Monitoring the public and informal activities of the regional parliament and government to help a player in urban mobility gain access to the Brussels market
  •  Detailed mapping of all Belgian stakeholders in the circular economy to help an international FMCG further develop its sustainable development policy in Belgium
  • ...

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