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In today's business environment, where transparency and accountability are increasingly important, financial communication plays a vital role in helping companies meet their stakeholders' expectations. Is your corporate financial communication up to date?

In recent years, financial communication has evolved from a mere legal obligation to a strategic part of corporate communication. It helps companies clearly communicate their financial position, performance, and prospects to a wide range of stakeholders, including investors, shareholders, employees, customers, all kinds of societal actors and regulators. Is financial communication getting enough attention in your company?

Whyte helps you develop effective financial communication that builds trust and credibility with your stakeholders. This is crucial for attracting investment, retaining talent and strengthening customer loyalty - in short, promoting your long-term growth and success.



  • Positioning and strategic communications for a real estate player before IPO
  • Management of shareholder issues and financial communication for an IT and food company
  • Crisis communication and reorganisation of financial and strategic communication with a view to restoring investor confidence for a listed service company, following a management change and a falling share price
  • Guidance for a management buy-out at an industrial company
  • Communication support for a listed company in a major international transaction with global impact and national sensitivities
  • Managing communications during a second public offering of existing shares held by a large historical shareholder
  • Writing a compelling equity story and building a company's reputation ahead of an IPO
  • Media relations and public affairs advice and support in the context of major M&As
  • Communications support during the acquisition of a competitor for a professional services company
  • ...

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