Solar coalition

In February 2022, the Flemish government announced to abolish the support regime of green certificates for certain solar panel installations commissioned before 2013, starting from 2024. This decision would affect 200 large companies, but according to the sector Sustainable Energy Flanders, around 2,000 companies, mainly SMEs, would be affected.

Whyte Corporate Affairs was engaged to develop an integrated approach to raise awareness among policymakers about the unintended consequences of this measure and to advocate for adjustments.

Public Affairs, Public Relations & Stakeholder Management

Our approach involved a combination of public affairs, public relations and stakeholder management. Research was conducted by independent agencies to uncover policy implications, and we actively engaged in dialogues with key policymakers. Additionally, we implemented an effective stakeholder program, engaging with businesses and other stakeholders. Through these efforts, we successfully built a network of engaged stakeholders who collaborated to foster more constructive discussions and advocate effectively on behalf of the industry.

Earned & Owned media

To generate broader support among decision-makers, we decided to initiate an open debate. We launched the website, which received support through earned and owned media channels. This ensured that the industry's message gained media coverage, highlighting the topic and ensuring that the industry’s perspective reached a wider audience.

Thanks to our integrated strategy, the organization ‘Duurzame Energy Vlaanderen’ was able to establish an active dialogue with policymakers, effectively inform them about the unintended effects of the GSC reform and encourage them to reconsider the proposed measures.

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